Sin in Remission

Last post I suggested that there is a “cure” for ongoing sin in the life of the believer.  I want to make sure we do not confuse “cure” with “eradicate”.  Cure, in the biblical sense, is more like sin that is in remission, not sin that has been totally eliminated.  Sin will only be completely abolished in that glorious future when we are free of sin’s influence forever!

In the world of cancer treatment, we generally use the word cure to identify the remission of cancer, not necessarily its complete extermination.  Under the cure, we are now free of cancer’s rule.  We are now free from the rapid growth of malignant cells.  But even in remission, some cancer cells may still be making their home in our body.

It is a similar scenario for the child of God.  The power of sin – the power of cancer cells to ruin our lives – has been defeated.  Sin is still bothersome – some malicious cells remain – but it is not ruling the day.  Anyone in cancer treatment knows that in its aggressive growing stages, cancer is in charge.  It is threatening your body’s very existence; ruling your days, your thoughts, your health, your schedule, your plans.  And it is running roughshod over your hopes and dreams.  But in remission, the focus on cancer diminishes and takes a back seat to your returning health and your moving on with your “life after cancer”.

So in the spiritual world, free from sin’s power, do we see our lives as “life after sin”?  Yes and no.  On the “yes” side, our sin is in remission due to the reality (whether we feel it or not) that our sin nature has been put to death with Christ on the cross.  And our Christian life should be the experience of sin in remission, the experience of more and more victory and growth over the annoyance of sin.

But there is a “no” side as well.  I hesitate to embrace the finality of the phrase “life after sin” somehow suggesting that sin has been eradicated.  It is simply not true.  Sin is still present in us.  It is still awakened (even from the dead) by our enemies; the world, the flesh, and the devil.  Sin still nips at our heels.

But thanks be to God that those malignant sin cells are not attaching themselves to each other, rapidly growing, and ruling over us.  No, sin has been stripped of its power, and may “sin in remission” describe your victorious walk with the Lord today.

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