Rethinking Hell: The Second Death and the Final State of the Lost   A biblical case for Conditional Immortality; the idea that that the lost are destroyed forever at the Second Death.  They do not experience everlasting continual torment.

Is Jesus the Only Way?     Jay takes aim at the heart of the Christian message by honestly asking, “Is Jesus the only way?”  His approach is a detailed, verse-by-verse explanation of Jesus’ own words recorded in the gospel of John chapters 5, 6, and 7.  Questions about Jesus’ claim to be the Christ, his self-identification as the Messiah, and his assertion to be the Son of God are examined in fine detail. The picture that emerges is a clear understanding of what exactly Jesus claimed about his identity; an identity that lies at the center of the gospel message.

The Artist and the Minstrel      In this short story, Jay and Rhonda take an entertaining, informative, and very personal look at personality differences in marriage. With their own marriage experience as a backdrop, they share an insightful journey of challenge, despair, discovery, and hope. The solution they present to the marriage conflicts we face is not a self-help formula, but a powerful call to love, acceptance, forgiveness, and growth that will strengthen your marriage.

Romans 7 and the Normal Christian Life     A 5-page explanation of Paul’s lament in Romans 7 and how it fits into the apostle’s pre-conversion life.

Holy and Beloved      Who does God say you are?  A line-by-line commentary by Jay on Colossians 3.

A Fresh Start      What is the believer’s relationship with sin?  A line-by-line commentary by Jay on Romans chapters 5 – 8.

Your Moral Resemblance to Christ      What does sin taste like?  A line-by-line commentary by Jay on I John 3.

190 Chapter Bible Reading Plan     An excellent overview of the Bible in 190 chapters.

Life Skills     One page summary of life skills to teach our children.

29 Ways to Affirm Your Children   Test