I am seeing the word “freedom” in lots of ads this time of year.  Most of them revolve around, “Come celebrate our country’s freedom by buying a new car, new appliance, or new mattress.”  Of course, in the fine print you realize that rather than freedom, you will experience eight years of debt for your mattress that will wear out just as you make your last payment.  (By the way, have any of you ever met a mattress expert; you know, those geniuses quoted in TV ads who have decided that a mattress must be replaced every eight years?)

All this talk of freedom reminds me of this quote from hip-hop artist Lacrae, “I had finally been set free, but I was about to find out if I could live free.  A person can be removed from slavery in an instant, but it takes a lifetime for slavery to be removed from a person.”

This thought of learning to “live free” captured my attention.  I think it is an apt description of living the Christian life.  It all comes down to learning to live free.

So I have in the works a series of posts on living free.  My usual method of writing is to have one or two posts planned ahead and just see where things lead.  However, in this case, I am working on having the entire series of ten or twelve posts written before I publish the first one.  This allows my editor (Rhonda) the chance to see how they flow and fit together.  As always, she is a huge help in corralling my random thoughts into something readable.

I guess I am posting this to let you know that we have not disappeared into the small town life of ice cream, parades, and fireworks here in Franklin Tennessee.  We look forward to seeing you soon around the idea of what it means to “Live Free”.