Our mission

Our core belief at jaylehman.com is that all who embrace the gospel message of Jesus Christ become a new creation.  As partakers of the divine nature and a dwelling place of the very Spirit of God, you carry a moral resemblance to God Himself.  Our mission is to fan the flames of your transformed life so they burn white hot in the service of Jesus Christ our King!

If the idea of embracing the gospel message of Jesus Christ is new to you, let me offer you this.  When Jesus came to earth, He initiated a new arrangement between God and man.  His message of release from the penalty of our sin was totally founded upon His death, as a substitute for each of us, on a cross.  Under God’s old arrangement, the default arrangement for the whole human race, we stand guilty of breaking His moral code.  But that all goes by the wayside when we agree to God’s new arrangement by acknowledging our guilt, accepting the free gift of Christ’s death in our place, and embracing what Jesus says as true.  If you wish to say “I’m in” with this new arrangement, tell God in prayer about your decision.  Then, talk to someone about it.  If you would like to know more about God’s offer or talk with us about a decision you’ve made, drop us a line at jay.lehman@att.net