29 Ways to Affirm Your Children – #22

22.  A healthy diet.  Let me join the bandwagon for healthy eating.  You know it is the right thing to do.  Rhonda and I were both raised on a midwestern diet of meat and potatoes with ample sides of sugar and butter.  Nothing nefarious on the part of our parents.  It just came naturally in a farming community in the 1960s.  A particular feature of our diet was a breakfast of donuts or cereal.  (I still can’t believe that I put 2 tablespoons of sugar on my Cheerios as a kid.  Again, just a sign of the times.)

By the time our own kids came along, books like Feed Me, I’m Yours! began to open doors to healthy eating for children.  Along the way, we made the correlation between large doses of cereal for breakfast, for example, and sluggishness in the morning’s school work.  We noticed a connection between irritability and too much sugar consumption.  These were not hypothetical situations or some author’s opinion; we lived it!

It is not always convenient to make the healthy choices.  But let me encourage you.  Take the time to feed your kids and yourself properly.  A poor diet can lead to an overall grumpy feeling.  And no one feels good about themselves when they are grumpy.  The type of fuel we choose to put into our body makes a difference.  Make it a family goal to up the fruit and vegetable content of your day’s food intake and see if you all feel the benefits.