A Curious Life

When Rhonda and I teach on the topic of marriage, we often say, “Make your marriage a curiosity.”  What we mean by this is that when you practice marriage as God intended, your love for each other will manifest itself in ways that make your marriage appear pretty unique.  The desire for love, acceptance, and forgiveness is universal and when we practice these to the fullest in our marriage, we demonstrate to a watching world what new life in Christ looks like.

In our own journey, God took two fiercely independent souls who each view the world through different colored glasses (and thick ones at that) and forged a love that is deep and abiding.  When that love is on display, it is truly revolutionary. But the revolution for us has not been painless as the path to love at the deepest level has been long and arduous.  (As an aside, you can read our short story, “The Artist and the Minstrel” describing our marriage journey in the Kindle store at amazon.com or download a free pdf version by clicking here.)

The curiosity of a growing marriage is a small picture of the curiosity of the supernatural Christian life.  Any topic that begins with a discussion of God Himself living inside His followers is by its very nature a mystery, a curiosity.  May I invite you to investigate the mystery, celebrate the mystery, and, most importantly, live into the mystery of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col 1:27).  Only then will the world see the supernatural side of our life in Christ.

Dwight Edwards has summed it up well in his book, Revolution Within,  “God’s highest agenda for our lives is not that they be simply good, moral, and responsible, but that they be spiritually intriguing, even mystifying.  A Christlike life is one that puzzles, attracts, disrupts, entices, enrages, comforts, rebukes, and most of all, radically loves those around it.”