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Keeping the Faith – A Wrap Up

For the past several months, we have been addressing the issues raised in Dr. Ruth Tucker’s book, Walking Away from Faith.  We started out by emphasizing the importance of love and humility in how we respond to our young people’s … Continue reading

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Love Lifts the Burden

Another challenge we all face in the area of lifestyle is the high standard of Jesus’ call to discipleship.  When we reduce that standard to a list of rules to keep and the burden to keep the rules becomes too great, there … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Heartbeat

My father and grandfather both passed away due to heart attacks.  I recognize the likelihood of a genetic predisposition to heart disease.  I trust that my diet choices and heart healthy understanding have improved from previous generations but I do … Continue reading

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One of the obstacles young people face in fully embracing the Christian message is the struggle with pluralism.  That is, what about all these other faiths?  Can they all be wrong?  The exclusiveness of the Christian message borders on intellectual … Continue reading

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Headship with a Heart

As we think about these lifestyle issues, one of the challenges faced by both unbelievers and doubting Christians is the caricature of the biblical standards on these issues that is called “Christianity.”  Our culture’s confusion about feminism is a good … Continue reading

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The Handwriting on the Wall

When we embrace the gospel message of Jesus Christ we become saints, sanctified ones, “set apart for God’s holy use or purpose.”  How does God view that which He has sanctified, but not being used for its holy purpose?  Let’s … Continue reading

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One Tiny Example

It is easy to talk about the worldliness of our popular entertainment options with a broad brush, attacking the most offensive elements.  But when I label the world’s approach – advertised as enlightened, but actually profane – I am referring … Continue reading

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Engaging the Culture

Several times in his letters to Timothy, the apostle Paul warns his young protégé to avoid “worldliness” (Greek word bebēlos, translated “profane” in the King James Bible).  Worldly or profane is such an apt description of our culture’s view on … Continue reading

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Holy Temples

In the area of lifestyle issues, we must teach our children – and understand ourselves – the important distinction between the sacred and the profane, between the holy and the carnal, between godliness and worldliness.  By virtue of our relationship … Continue reading

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