Living the Message

Yesterday we saw our daughter and son-in-law, Annie and Matthew Dorin, and their girls, Danielle and Lily off at the airport in Houston.  With their stack of boxes, footlockers, and suitcases, you would have thought they were moving overseas; and they were!  Yes, they are off to France for language school in the village of Chambéry on their way to a permanent assignment in West Africa with the mission agency of Wycliffe Associates.

It was sad to see them go.  Rhonda and I were getting spoiled with trips to the Houston rodeo, the museum, and the park with the Dorin clan.  And sharing breakfast with those precious girls.  But I have to honestly say there was something almost palpable in the air that lessened the pain of their departure.  Annie and Matthew have heard the voice of Jesus and are following the mission that God has specifically for them.  That assurance was enough to turn their parting into an anticipation of the adventure that awaits.  What adventure of faith is waiting for you?  Developing your family identity, hearing the voice of Jesus, and following where He leads is not something to write and read about.  It is a plan to put into action.  Let’s live the message we teach.

Bon Voyage to Matthew, Annie, Dani, and Lily and may God bless the work of your heart and hands.

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  1. Hey! I just saw this! No internet for 2 weeks took it’s toll I guess:( Well, here I am, up late gaining encouragement from your blog, Mom and Dad:) Thanks for the post. We too could just feel the Holy Spirit spurring us on through the pain of leaving knowing this race that’s set before us is the one He wants us to run for His glory and our joy, and the joy of others we’ll meet and love along the way. Hugs and kisses!

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